Welcome to the Roni Deutch Tax Resolution Business Program.

I am so happy you want to learn how to market, attract, and represent more taxpayers who owe the IRS.  To those of you who already provide tax resolution services to taxpayers, I commend you for wanting to improve your business and bottom line!

As you will soon learn, the tax resolution industry is extremely profitable, which is great news for you.  My firm grossed over approximately 100 Million dollars over two decades so I assure you the math is outstanding.  In fact, hundreds and hundreds of tax professionals all over the United States are grossing more revenue by providing tax resolution services to taxpayers who owe the IRS, so why can’t you?

I believe what stops most tax professionals and business owners from getting into the tax resolution industry or thriving in the tax resolution industry, is a lack of knowledge.  That’s why you will appreciate our commitment and desire to teach you how to market, attract and represent more taxpayers who owe the IRS so you have every opportunity to grow your business and be more successful.

Most business owners need more leads and paying tax clients which is where we come in.  With decades of unparalleled and unique business experience in the tax resolution industry, we know what it takes for YOU to be more successful and achieve your business goals.


Our online learning management system is state of the art and includes 24/7 access, which makes learning so much more convenient for you.  In fact, our program includes three separate sections and a collateral documents library with over 450 pages of valuable, relevant and understandable instructional information, webinars and training videos.

The bottom line is that you have every opportunity to learn how to market, attract, and represent more paying clients and taxpayers who owe the IRS on your own time and schedule.

30 to 40 Million people owe the IRS or are dealing with some type of tax situation and many turn to a tax professional for help.  As you will soon learn, the vast majority of taxpayers who hire a tax professional pay anywhere between $3,500 to $5,000 or significantly more, for their tax resolution services.

Can you imagine how great it would be for your business to gross an additional $10,000 to $25,000 a month helping taxpayers who owe the IRS?  I can, which is why I am thrilled that you are taking the first step towards learning how to grow your practice with more paying tax clients.


What makes our program the best in the country is that we provide you with approximately 1-2 hours of monthly live training, in 50 to 55 minute sessions.  These training sessions are usually conducted on the same day and time of the week so you can plan your schedule well in advance.

I will provide 1-2 hours of live monthly training about numerous and relevant topics from my experience owning the largest tax resolution company of its kind in the country at that time.  You will also receive monthly training from National Tax Attorney Hubert Johnson, who has over 10 years of experience representing taxpayers.

Mr. Johnson teaches tax professionals throughout the country and owns a successful tax resolution practice in Arizona, so his insight and experiences are invaluable for you. You will also receive additional live training every month from numerous other experts covering topics such as marketing, advertising, lead generation, sales, digital, and business operations, so you can thrive and be more successful.

Based on my decades of experience, I strongly encourage you to participate in all live training events so you can learn and ask relevant questions about your clients and your practice.  There is no shortcut to success.  It takes time, hard work and a desire to achieve your clearly defined and written goals without fear.

The bottom line is that I thank you for the opportunity to help you achieve your goals and look forward to answering your questions during our next scheduled live telephone training event.


RONI DEUTCH, ‘The Tax Lady’
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